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In Nigeria, we continue to operate within a narrow definition of literacy, which sees it merely as the ability to read, write and calculate. This is no longer adequate for people to operate successfully in a scientific and technological age. Literacy is not just about adapting to existing conditions but about having the problem solving and critical-thinking skills necessary to bring about any changes needed. Countries with longstanding literacy programmes are becoming increasingly concerned about “what comes next" after basic skills are taught. Innovative methods are being developed to address the aims of learners in social, economic, and cultural areas. Nigeria needs to determine what constitutes literacy in the light of our present situation and in relation to the wider society in which Nigerians have to operate.

The founders of E-world Literacy Foundation are people with robust experience in Literacy, governance, enterprise development, social work and legal matters, amongst other fields. The founding members are led by the President of the foundation, Ubani Rowland who has over 10 years of experience working with various leading NGOs in the Nigeria.

E-world Literacy Foundation Partners with the government, institutions, corporate organizations and other Non – profits organization et al to achieve our aims and objectives. We operate from Abuja (Our Headquarters) and we intend setting up our offices in different regions in Nigeria and across Africa, so as to enable us connect and improve the literacy level of Women, youths and children in these regions.