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Digital literacy

With digital literacy, we can conquer our environment in diverse ways. We become inventors, creators of ideas that can stimulate desires to the development of devices that can reduce stress and bring about change from consumers to producers. Information and communication technologies (I C T) competencies are increasingly important for most of employees in many organisations regardless of each one’s role.

Digital literacy can be seen in the diverse set of technological tools and resources being used to communicate, create, disseminate, store, retrieve and manage information. The ability to use digital technology, communication tools to locate, evaluate, utilize, share and create content using information technologies and the internet encompasses a wide range of skill that can be described as digital literacy.

The consciousness of what digital literacy means and the reality of its impact in our everyday life will greatly enhance development in Nigeria.

E-world Literacy Foundation aims at bringing the tools to rural area to enable people create content and build knowledge that can enable staying abreast of developments in information online trends and improve their chances of employment.